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Syringe – Blueberry OG


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What is it?

The Blueberry OG Distillate Syringe is a high-quality cannabis concentrate product designed for both recreational and medicinal consumers looking to explore the world of concentrated THC. It contains 100% pure THC distillate, free from any additives, solvents, or impurities. This ensures that consumers can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of concentrated THC without any unwanted substances interfering with their experience.

How does it work?

This versatile product provides a precisely measured dose of THC distillate via a convenient syringe format. It allows users to dispense the distillate for various consumption methods, including dabbing, vaping, or infusing edibles, offering a customized cannabis concentrates experience.


Crafted with care, this product features 100% pure THC distillate sourced from Blueberry OG cannabis concentrates, free from any additives or solvents, ensuring a pure and clean experience.


Derived from Blueberry OG strains, this distillate boasts an enticing aroma of ripe blueberries with earthy undertones, delivering a flavorful and enjoyable cannabis experience.


Packaged in a 1-gram syringe, this product provides precise dosage control. Beginners can start with a small amount and gradually adjust their intake, while experienced users can enjoy a more potent experience by dispensing larger amounts.


The blueberry OG is capable to provide you following benefits,

  • Potent Relief: With THC concentrate, this product is suitable for managing chronic pain, insomnia, and stress.
  • Customizable: Tailor your cannabis experience to your preferred potency, whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned enthusiast.
  • Convenience: The syringe design ensures easy use, storage, and discreet transport.
  • Flavorful: The Blueberry OG strain enhances the experience with its delightful fruity notes.

Side Effects

Just like with any concentrated weed, engaging in responsible consumption is vital. Overindulgence may result in possible adverse effects, including dry mouth, an increased heart rate, or feelings of dizziness. To ensure a safer experience, it’s recommended to start with a smaller dose and carefully keep tabs on your tolerance levels. 

Where to Make Your Purchase Online?

To acquire the Blueberry OG Distillate Syringe and delve into the realm of THC concentrates, please pay a visit to our online platform, Mailorder420. We proudly offer a secure and user-friendly website where you can easily locate this product along with other premium cannabis concentrates that are available for purchase.

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