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Unleash the exquisite blend of tropical indulgence with the FRYD Extracts Disposable 2 GM in the Banana Runtz flavor. This premium vape offers a burst of sweet, fruity flavor with every puff, transporting your senses straight to a lush, banana-filled paradise. The convenience of its disposable design means no refilling or recharging—just pure enjoyment from start to finish.

How to Use: Simply remove the device from its packaging, place the mouthpiece in your mouth, and inhale slowly and steadily. The FRYD Extracts Disposable is designed for ease, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned users.

Dosage: For best results, start with one or two puffs and gauge your tolerance. Each person’s reaction can vary, so it’s important to start slow and adjust as needed.


  • Immediate relaxation and stress relief
  • Convenient and discreet usage
  • No need for maintenance or preparation
  • Potent and long-lasting effects

Side Effects: As with all products containing THC, some users may experience dry mouth, dizziness, or altered perception. It’s recommended to use this product responsibly and in a safe environment.

Explore our selection and discover why FRYD Extracts is a top choice for discerning users. Find your perfect escape with Banana Runtz and other flavors at Weed for sale.

Indulge responsibly and elevate your relaxation to new heights with FRYD Extracts Disposable 2 GM—your ticket to a flavorful and euphoric experience.

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