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Baby Jeeters (banana kush) – 5 Pre rolls per Bottle


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Experience the mellow allure of Banana Kush with Baby Jeeters Pre-Rolls—your perfect companion for unwinding. Each elegantly crafted bottle contains five pre-rolls, designed for convenience and consistency. Ideal for soothing relaxation, these pre-rolls offer a delightful blend of sweet banana with earthy undertones, enhancing your sensory enjoyment.

Usage Dosage: Start with one pre-roll to gauge your individual response. It’s recommended to wait for about 30 minutes to fully assess the effects before considering another.

How to Use: Simply light the tip of the pre-roll, inhale gently, and enjoy the smooth, flavorful smoke. Extinguish and reseal in the bottle to maintain freshness.

Benefits: Baby Jeeters Pre-Rolls provide a relaxing experience, perfect for easing stress and anxiety. They also aid in improving mood and can help foster a peaceful sleep.

Side Effects: As with any cannabis product, potential side effects include dry mouth, red eyes, and feeling unusually tired. Moderation is key, as excessive use can lead to heightened anxiety or temporary disorientation.

Discover more and make your purchase at Weedsly here. Embrace the calming essence of Banana Kush and elevate your relaxation routine today!

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