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BABY JEETER (MAUI WOWIE) – 5 Pre rolls per Bottle


babby jeeter blueberry kush

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The traditional Sativa strain Maui wowie (not Maui Waui) will transport you to the Hawaiian islands where it originated with its tropical flavors and stress-relieving properties. The luscious pineapple flavors and high-energy bliss of Maui Wowie have blessed us since its spread from the volcanic soil of the island. In contrast to Maui Wowie’s inspiring, active effects, which may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun, lightweight effects let your mind drift to imaginative retreats.

How does it work?

There are around 100 distinct cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. The two cannabis compounds that have been the subject of the most study and interest are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabis consumption results in a “high” due to the psychoactive ingredient THC, but CBD has other effects and is not psychoactive.

THC binding to CB1 receptors results in the release of dopamine and serotonin, buy weed online in particular, for mood regulation. This may cause mood swings, relaxation, and occasionally euphoria.


The strength of various cannabis strains might differ significantly. Even while Infused Maui Wowie Pre-Rolls is well recognized for its sativa-dominant effects, different strains may have different amounts of THC and CBD. Knowing how powerful the specific strain you are taking is is crucial.

Weed for sale might be more susceptible to cannabis effects than other people. Cannabis effects can vary depending on your body weight, metabolism, and general health. Your surroundings and attitude might also affect how you use cannabis. If you’ve never used cannabis before, it’s best to do it in a relaxed, secure environment.

How does Baby Jeeter( Maui Wowie) make you feel?

This strain is frequently used during the day because of its high levels of energy and alertness. Some people use it to increase motivation and creativity. Baby Jeeter infused may improve focus and attention span in some individuals. It might be helpful for activities that need focus and engagement.


The entire fragrance profile is frequently connected to a paradise in the tropics. The blend of earthy undertones, and sweet, and citrus notes might conjure up thoughts of a tropical paradise or a sunny beach. Although the perfume of Maui Wowie Jeeter is not extremely earthy, it may have faint herbal or earthy overtones that go well with the fruity and citrus components.


The following are some possible advantages of Maui Wowie.

  • Enhanced Mood 
  • Enhanced Focus and Energy
  • Reduced Stress 
  • Pain Reduction 
  • Better Appetite

Side Effects:

Some typical adverse effects include the following:

  • Mouth Dryness 
  • Eye colour
  • Higher Heart Rate
  • Nervousness and paranoia
  • Behavioural Dependence
  • Feeling lightheaded and dizzy 

Where to buy BABY JEETER (MAUI WOWIE) online?

There is no need to look further if you want to purchase Baby Jeeter(Maui Wowie)online. “MailOrder420” is here to help if you need us. Pre-rolls are available from us at exceptionally affordable costs and come in a vast variety of flavors. Therefore, order your preferred flavor of Weedsly as soon as possible.


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